Parts & Service FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions About Service And Parts

Every vehicle will, at one point or another, need routine maintenance or unfortunate vehicle repair services performed. You can narrow down what the problem may be by knowing the answers to a few of the frequently asked service and part questions.

  • When should I get my oil changed?

    Each vehicle comes with a specific suggested timeline for its oil changes. This can include a certain amount of miles or months and will often vary based on where and how you drive. Some of the newer models will also inform you if your oil needs to be replaced. You can change the oil at home, but it will require a few tools, oil, and a filter to do so.

  • Do my tires need to be rotated or changed?

    Your tires should be rotated every time you have your oil changed. Leaving them where they are for extended periods of time can result in excess wear on certain tires or parts of the tires. You should also get your tires changed every summer and winter season, especially if you live where there is a lot of snow or ice, like Minnesota. Winter tires are the best defense against the snowy conditions and summer tires help to keep you firmly on the ground when it begins to rain.

  • What does it mean if my check engine light is on?

    That dreaded check engine light comes on and now what? We highly suggest that you don't ignore it. The check engine light can mean a few different things and it may not be anything too terrible, but you will want to get it checked out. If your check engine light begins to blink you need to have your vehicle immediately looked at by a trained technician.

  • When should I have my brakes inspected?

    There are a few red flags that, if you have noticed them, will tell you that you should have your brakes inspected. If you hear a slight squeal that becomes louder over time, your brake pedal feels spongy or makes your car shudder when you apply the brake, or if you smell something acidic every time you brake, then you will want to schedule a service appointment soon.

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