Get connected in your car. Browse the internet, stream music, radio or podcasts and get travel directions. It's all possible thanks to Sensus Connected Touch; the safe, simple and fun way to stay connected in your car.
Browser in Sensus Connected TouchSearch for an article, check your email or google the name of the old song you're humming. When you're connected to the internet, (using WiFi or USB) you can do anything you do on your computer, tablet or phone. Both Java and HTML5 is supported. When you're on your way, browser and video function is disabled. All for your safety.

Navigation with Sensus Connected TouchGetting to your destination safely is essential. But getting there in a good mood is important too. With  IGO, a built-in system for navigation, you simply type in your destination and you'll get travel directions in 3D and via a voice guide.
Click here to download the Volvo Sensus Connected Touch Navigation Software User Manual.

Music with Sensus Connected TouchTravel to the tunes of smooth jazz or the beat of techno. You decide.  Stream music and radio shows via TuneIn or local streaming services such as Spotify or Deezer. You can also use a USB flash drive to plug in your own music.



Connected Touch without Navigation application:

Connected Touch with Navigation application "iGo":

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// CONNECTED TOUCH with Navigation| Bring the Internet and more to your Volvo

Stay connected with all types of information at your finger tips - all from the comfort of your Volvo.
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Powered by iGO?, the system
provides travel directions in 3D
with voice guidance.
Stream music, news, talk, sports and more through Live-Radio, TuneIn, Spotify. When the vehicle is not moving, watch YouTube or a movie.
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Sensus Connected Touch is available as an accessory in all our new cars from 2014 (except the XC90).

If you already have a Volvo and want to install Sensus Connected Touch this can be done depending on your screen size and audio system.

Does your Volvo have a 7" screen?
Sensus Connected Touch can easily be installed if your Volvo has a 7" screen. Contact A Kline Volvo representative to help you with the practical details.

Does your Volvo have a 5" screen and High Performance Audio?

You'll need to upgrade your 5" and High Performance Audio screen to a 7" screen to use the Sensus Connected Touch. Contact a Kline Volvo representative for more information and pricing.


Please review our FAQ section as you may find the answer to your question here. If these questions can not answer your query please contact a Kline Volvo representative:

Q: Do I need to sign up for Spotify?
A: Yes, you need a Premium subscription in order to use Spotify on Sensus Connected Touch.

Q: Do I need to sign up for TuneIn?
A: No. You can use TuneIn without logging in, but if you log in you can access any pre-sets you've made on your computer or smartphone.

Q: How do I share the system's mobile connection as a portable Wi-Fi hotspot?
A: Enter the Settings menu. Enter the Wireless & Networks option. Scroll down and enter the Portable hotspot. Press the option Portable Wi-Fi hotspot in order to enable the hotspot. Enter "Configure Wi-Fi hotspot" to change the name and password for the hotspot. After setting the name and password for the hotspot and after you've enabled the hotspot; search on your PC, smartphone etc. for the network and connect.

Q: If my car is equipped with Sensus Connected Touch with navigation on the SD card can I navigate without an internet connection?
A: Yes, but you will lose premium traffic information, since this requires an internet connection.

Q: Is it possible to use the browser while driving?
A: No. The browser is only enabled while standing still. Certain applications in the system are labelled as distractions and will automatically be disabled when you drive. These applications are clearly marked disabled with a watermark icon.

Additional information can be found on Volvo's Sensus Connected touch FAQ Page (click here).