Do I Qualify for A-Plan Pricing from Volvo?

A-Plan allows eligible customers to purchase or lease a new Volvo at the same price offered to Volvo employees. This program is offered to more than 3,000 partnering companies and organizations. If you're eligible, all you need is a partner code and a PIN for you, or a member of your household, to get the benefits of Volvo employee pricing.

You can follow the steps below or fill out this form with your company information to take the next step toward A-Plan Pricing!

What Are the Steps to Get A-Plan Pricing?

To purchase or lease a vehicle through the A-Plan by Volvo program:

  1. Check with our dealership or your HR Department to see if you qualify.
  2. Get your company's Partner Code and register online.
  3. Generate a Volvo PIN.
  4. Visit our dealership in Maplewood, MN.
  5. Present your Volvo PIN to us so you can secure your A-Plan Pricing.     

What Should I Do if I Still Have Questions?

Fill out the form below, give us a call, or stop by our dealership in Maplewood, MN to have all of your Volvo questions answered by friendly professionals.


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Ask a Question or See If You Qualify


Q: How do I get my Partner Code?
A: There are two ways to obtain your Partner Code: through your HR Department or with us.
  1. You can fill out this form or call us to see if your company is in the program. If you're eligible, we will need proof of employment to help you get a Partner Code.
  2. You check with someone in your HR department to see what programs your company provides . If your company offers A-Plan, you can ask them to help you acquire a Partner Code.      
Q: How do I get my Volvo PIN?
A: Once you have your partner code, you can go online to generate your Volvo PIN. This Volvo PIN needs to be created by the eligible customer. This PIN can be used by the eligible customer or a family member that lives in the same household. or for a same household family member. Once you've completed this process, the PIN will be sent to you via email. Then all you need to do is share that PIN with us to secure the negotiation-free A-Plan pricing and available offers.

Q: Does this apply to purchases, leases, or both?

A: Volvo A-Plan pricing applies for both purchases and leases of qualifying new Volvo vehicles. More details are provided after you register.

Q: What is a Volvo PIN?
A: Your Volvo PIN (Personal Identification Number) is a unique code used for each Volvo A-Plan vehicle purchase. After you generate your Volvo PIN, a certificate will be generated and sent to you. This Volvo PIN will be valid for 90 days. You will need to take the certificate to an authorized Volvo dealer participating in A-Plan in order to secure your A-Plan pricing.

Q: How Do I Generate a Volvo PIN?
A: You will need to go online and register with your Partner Code on Volvo's website. Once you create your account and register, you will be able to go through the steps to generate a Volvo PIN.

Q: What Information do I need to Generate a Volvo PIN?
You will need the following information:

  •     Your name
  •     Your address
  •     Your telephone number
  •     Your email address
  •     You will be asked to select a vehicle of interest
  •     You will be asked to give an expected time frame for purchase

Q: What do I Need to Bring to the Dealership?

A: You or your family member must provide the following at time of your purchase or lease:

  •     A Copy of the PIN certificate
  •     And one of the following:
  •       The eligible employee's ID Badge
  •       The eligible employee's business card
  •       A copy of the eligible employee's prior year's W2
  •       A copy of the eligible employee's pay stub