Fall is a popular time for many of our Minnesota drivers to perform their routine maintenance and repairs. It's imperative that, before the cold weather settles in, you make sure that your car or SUV is prepared to handle the rough weather and freezing temperatures ahead.

Popular Fall Car Maintenance

While there are plenty of ways that you should keep up with your car maintenance, during the Fall season, there are three main maintenance issues you should have performed.

  • Brakes - Before your holiday traveling begins, make sure that your brakes are working properly. Inspect each part of the brake line thoroughly and replace any parts that are worn, such as the brake pads, rotors, or brake fluid.
  • Batteries - No starts are no fun. Don't let your battery die when it's freezing outside, check it to make sure that it's fully charged or replace it with a brand-new battery.
  • Tires - Whether you commute every day or you tend to stay at home during the winter months, it's best to have the right tires for the weather. Find winter tires that will keep you firmly on the road, and don't forget about your spare.

Stay Safe During Your Holiday Travels By Ordering Your Parts Today!

Here at Kline Volvo Cars of Maplewood, we have a parts center that's filled with the parts and accessories that your Volvo needs. Fall is a popular time for the brakes, batteries and tire parts to be ordered, due to a year's worth of weather and mileage on the vehicles and the winter season fast approaching, and we work hard to make these services affordable for our Minnesota customers. That's why we've created many parts specials to help you save money on the parts your repair requires. Contact our parts center or schedule an appointment with our service center to get your vehicle ready for the fast-approaching winter season.

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