It's Way Too Hot To Have Your Air Conditioner Not Working, Let Us Help You Stay Cool This Summer

There is nothing worse than getting into a steaming hot car only to turn on the refreshing a/c and it does nothing but blow out more hot air. To avoid this unpleasant circumstance, we recommend having your air conditioner checked at least once a year. Trust us, when the temps rise and you're dying for a cool breeze, you'll be thankful that you did.

What's Wrong With My Air Conditioner?

There could be many different reasons why your car's air conditioner isn't working. Here's a few explanations along with their solutions.

  • Black Death - Okay, so this sounds a little dramatic, but, what is known as Black Death, can kill your a/c. Basically, it starts when the refrigerant breaks down, causing the compressor to wear. When the compressor wears it releases sharp metal pieces that then go throughout the rest of the a/c system, until it has met its untimely death. The best way to protect your air conditioner from the Black Death is by having routine checks done to ensure that the refrigerant is working properly.
  • Weak Airflow - If you turn on your a/c, expecting a blast of cool air, and get practically nothing, your airflow may be an issue. This could be caused by mold or mildew in the evaporator core, a loose hose, a fried ventilation fan, or opened seals. Allowing us to take a closer look will determine where we go from here to get it fixed.
  • Cold(ish) Air - If your air conditioner is working, but isn't really cold, then you have a problem that should be looked at before it transforms into a larger issue. Warm air could be caused from a number of things, including a Freon leak, clogged expansion tube, failed blower motor, damaged condenser, vacuum leaks, failed switch, and much more.

If you've noticed any of these problems don't hesitate to schedule an appointment at our service center. We'll help you stay as cool as a cucumber.

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